Motorbike tours

The site for Motorbike touring with Garmin GPS Navigation

Why Motorbike Tours?

Motorbike tours is a site geared towards enthusiasts who enjoy both motorbikes and riding with Garmin GPS prepared routes.

Welcome to my attempt at setting up a website geared to biking enthusiasts based in the Randstad area of Holland! As you can see despite having lived here since 2003 my written Dutch is not good enough to establish the site in the native dialect; besides most natives read better English than almost all of us foreigners speak Dutch put together! However, my spoken word passes almost for native ''Haags'' (the Hague dialect) so please don't be put off if you see only English here.

Have a browse through the site and have a look particularly at the routes that I have set up, developed and ridden. Feel free to download them. All I ask in return is a little feedback as to what you think, areas for improvement and if you are interested drop me a line and join our small band of riding members.

Happy riding! 

A Message from the Site owner

My name is Grant and I am an expat Brit living in The Hague, Holland. I have been riding now since 2007 and I own a BMW R 850 Cruiser which I bought new in 2007 and have also  a 1200 GS (2016).  I had also been riding a Triumph Rocket III Touring  which although great for the long haul its weight was a bit difficult to handle on the winding roads. So that's why the change. 

I spend most of my time riding either in Holland and the many surrounding countries or back in the UK with another group of motorcycle enthusiast pals of mine.  I have found that whilst Holland is picturesque and beautiful with its waterways and canals there is nothing to beat the winding country lanes of the UK countryside be it north of the border or the south east.

In the GPS routes section of the site you will find many routes and especially longer 4 or 5 days tours in the UK. The fun of riding in the UK is not only the countryside but organising the overnight stays in beautiful country pubs along the way. After all there nothing like a hearty dinner and a beer after a long days riding!

There are also many other routes in the "tours" section with routes in Holland and Germany as well. Feel free to have a look.

Interested in more information or do you have an interesting route to share?

As a foreigner living in The Hague I would like to bring together like minded bikers that are interested not only in sharing their own GPS rides but also exchanging files with others and maybe even getting together at the weekends for a day trip or two.  Whilst the site is totally free to use and all GPS routes are free to view or to download I would appreciate if you would simply offer your feedback by sending me your comments and ideas in the Tell us what you think section or emailing them to

If you are interested in taking the idea a step further and planning a trip or looking for someone to ride with on a weekend then just drop your details and ideas to me in the contacts section of the site or to the email above. Please don't forget to include some basic information about yourself, what your riding interests are, what you are looking for feedback on and anything else you feel is relevant. If you wish to submit your own BaseCamp files then please feel free to do so as this not only helps me expand the GPS Routes database but also enables others to enjoy those routes that you have ridden. Please send all files to the above email address. Comments and feedback can be made either in the comments section or via the above address.

I look forward to hearing from you!